imageThey say the ocean gave birth
to any kind of a living creature:
to a fly and a bird and a fish and a saw
and a log, that turns into a perfect boat.
all sorts of things.
And the god himself
he probably
used to be a big fish once.
A great, splendid shark
who gave the creeps to all the smaller creatures
made them dream of safety, a stove, a little kitchenette
and a digital camera
to shoot their former enemies.
That’s probably how the world as we know it has emerged.
What could be the other reason for a fish ever to seek a safe haven?
Learn to walk
drag its feet
talk of heaven
all that kind of things?
What else if not a fear of an inevitable and painful death
in the teeth of that splendid bone machine we now call
The Creator?

Heaven and angels,
in fact we’ve abandoned the real god to look for its marks
and signs
and toothmarks
Where is a place for sharks or killer whales in all this complex system called religion?
We should worship them
for that ancient fear that made us jump out of our real selves
and become what we are…
Learn to breath and write and dig into the ground.

Now I stay here at the seaside.
Taking pics and thinking of all those wild years of drive and madness.
Millions of years that made me what I am.
And the first thought is:
Good Lord, thanks there’re no sharks around here
to make me seek for a new start
on shore.
For sharks sake!
Probably its different for those people in California, though…