It makes telephone calls
at night
when you’re drunk
and have to make up stories in the morning
saying it was someone else
making a commitment.
Oh yes,
and for someone, this is a full-time job
in the diplomatic
you name it.

A Lie
is an expectation
of a merciful assassin
that deprives you
of responsibility,
of a choice,
of an action
sometimes disguised as a law-enforcement officer
or a politician
unquestioned, as he arrives
holding his mandate.

Such an unheard lie he is
and yet
so common to everybody
the guy who’s systematically
with the truth.

Is a newcomer to town
nobody knows his connections
happily doing cardio every morning
before his cereal smashed eggs and traffic jams
in fact
dying of an unknown form
of a brain

he claims he’s fine
Isn’t it a nice
comforting lie
that makes everyone
who dislikes him
feel at ease?

Lie is a cheerful youngster
always ready to help in the garden
imagining his neighbors’ wife
pissing on a lawn.

Lie is a dictator, who listens
to a student.

Lie is a mother
who tells the story of her mother
and the mother of her mother
to the daughter
of her sons

Lie is a gift to the poor
it feeds them with endorphin,
stimulates gastric juice
and consumer loans
and CPI.
It’s called
A promise.

Lie is a soldier
who went fishing
the next day he came home from war
don’t you dare to ask him

Lie is an attorney
saying he is convinced
(for you never see a lawman
who really is)
A statesman
revealing the lines of his communique
loud but hardly
clear to anyone
except for his speechwriter who’s permanently
on cocaine.

It is
a salesman
a cleric
a president
claiming to withdraw the armed forces
to reform
to wage war on corruption
to change
the lines
suggested by the predecessor.

is a pyramid
of false statements =
fresh shit on top
it never burns
whether you believe it or not
it will live through ages
of never again
The dates and numbers
the figures
the pure facts
they never Lie
They just do not they tell the Truth
loud enough
to be heard.

That guy lying under the debris
of broken glass and concrete.
He makes his statement here
so why don’t we just listen
and take notes?
He says:
«Never I will lie
oh god
save my poor leg
take this concrete from me
so I will never
lie to my mom
that I didn’t start smoking when I was just thirteen
and stolen
10 bucks
from my aunties purse
to go to the movies
I will not miss my English class
for this French prostitute
Just give me my leg

But his message remains
As the public is occupied
with the flash-mob
a revolution
or an anti G-20 event
what not.

They take their clubs, their cocktails, their guns
go to the central square
to throw words and stones and all their uneasiness and anger;
to shout and scream
with the voices of Jericho
to break the smoking walls of a town that never existed
and yet
never ceased to exist
the town called
the Promise