Someone you love
has the same background of war
and criminal dealings
and hatred
a witness of everything —
for her calm
cozy childish memories
mixed with fear
is my own realm.
My soul mate
of the other part of the world
that seems a faraway,
and rogue place to those,
who just follow the news
on the web.
She has seen it all as a child
and her mild memories
mellowed this spicy
mulled taste
of dark ages
we’re all living through
this warm feeling of sameness
with people who know it
without ever reading
the news.
You and I.
Both of us.
Millions of us.
We have different accents,
but the music that shakes us inside
is the same.
We share two or three words each day
helping to feel the pulse
of each other
of humanity
of the world
to know
that the soul and the body
for that I have
Now listen carefully,
for this is my confession.
my religion is such:
the breathing may be distant
still the world is united
until this connection